Monday, March 1, 2010

Nursing Strikes - Oh Joy

Well, it had to happen eventually. After two very prodigious nursers Michael had to come and change things up this third time around. He began teething again last week and refused to nurse, much to EVERYONE chagrin. Oh my, at first he only refused one side. That's fine, I've had that happen before and I can deal with it. Then he refused nursing at all during the daytime and could only be duped into nursing when he was sleeping in the middle of the night. Very frustrating, but I pumped a little to relieve the pressure. Then for a few days he decided to not nurse at all not even during the night, but just let us all know how unhappy his was with his new teeth and how tired he was and how he wished that everyone would leave him alone and let him go back to sleep after an hour or two of wailing. Fun times. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Yes, he accepted nursing several times yesterday and it is looking better and better. I hope I don't have to endure another nursing strike again - ever!

Seth has begun a big job and loves his work so much. After being off for a while he was itching to get back into the swing of things. He comes home so happy but exhausted. He is a man made to work. He can't be idle or it frustrates him. He loves his job and he does it extraordinarily well.

Katrina is learning to read a little more proficiently. It takes a lot or practice and patience on both our parts, but I try to entice her with the promise that oncde she learns to read on her own she will be allowed to stay up till 9:00pm in her bed reading books. Oh the anticipation!

Shiona is my little monkey. She is coming more and more out of her little world and becoming more aware of people and things around her. She has become a lot more affectionate too. This is so special because she doesn't just dole out hugs and kisses for the asking. She is very scholastic and loves her school work. Plus, she is continuing to understand her responsibilities as a big sister and step up to the plate more.

Michael is still not crawling and is only rolling over from belly to back - STILL!!!! Ok, I'm really not worried. I know guys develop slower than girls and that he is a big boy. It's gonna be harder for him to lug his 22lb ball of chub around than most smaller babies. He stands well, though, but still needs support. What I love so much about him is that he seems to have an adult sense of humor. For example, I put Seth's hat on him and told him lets go show Dada. He tried to grab it off, but I said, no, let's show Dada. He got this smile of anticipation on his face and kept lightly patting the hat. It was like he knew it would be humorous and couldn't wait to see Daddy's face! He also is extremely alert to what is going on around him. He reminds me of Katrina in that not much escapes his notice.

I am just a busy, happy housewife, mother, teacher, sister, daughter, friend, etc... just doing the things I love best and get most fulfillment out of. I enjoy schooling the girls and keeping the house tidy. I love playing with Michael and exercising and cleaning and teaching the girls little chores. I love being a homemaker...except for the cooking part. I'm really no good at it and suffer from lack of creativity and inspiration often. *Sighs* But my family does not starve and we get along all right.

When Seth comes home I can't wait to put the kids down and have a wonderful, relaxing evening with him. We enjoy our home so much that even though we get a date every Thursday evening, we will often decide to stay home and just have the children watched while we relax at the house. It is the most wonderful thing to be married to your best friend and lover. He is completely the most incredible guy I ever have met. I love him so much more deeply now than ever before. I can't imagine how my love will magnify with each passing year of knowing him better and having memories and special times that keep our hearts knit together. Our marriage has had some very big ups and some big downs, too, but thanks be to God each time we come through things much more stronger and deeply in love.

I recently advised Suzanne on a plan for losing weight. She took it and ran with it and so far has dropped over 8lbs. She is such a walking success story that several people have asked for advice, help and a copy of the plan I made for her. I'm just so proud of Suzanne for being so committed and sticking with it, cause it isn't easy! Her goal is to be down to her ideal size by Mary's wedding and I think she'll make it if she stays focused. I hope people don't think I'm obsessed, but fitness is a passion of mine. I love to stay fit and learn all I can about proper eating and exercising but I also love encouraging others and imparting what I've learned on to them. It is especially challenging as mothers to find the time to stay fit and keep everything else going. I know that just a few kind words of encouragement have meant the world to me and have challenged me to keep going, be strong, stay focused and not be discouraged. I love knowing I can do the same for others.

I'm going through a woman's Bible study booklet by myself and have been so challenged by it. I love the meat in scripture. The stuff that really hits home and convicts and turns my eyes off myself (where they seem to be constantly) and onto the Lord and depend on His strength to help me through all the trials and things that come my way big or small. I am sharing some of the information from this little Bible study booklet on my other blog site I've entitled the blog site "Love in Action". It is intended for wives and mothers, but some single girls to read and comment too.

And I must sign off - plenty of things to do today, so I must not dawdle.

Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Still Here!

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the planet, but we have been too "bogged" down to "blog". :) (Lame, I know!) Anyway, here are a few things the have been going on in our little world...

1. Michael turned 7 months old and christened it with the emergence of two adorable bottom teeth. Yes, two at the exact same time - poor kid! He has developed a strong aversion to baby food and would prefer to dine on turkey, green beans and mashed potatoes like us regular people. He fusses so badly watching me fit colorful morsels of varies sizes and textures into my mouth while he has to endure mush-like carrots, peas and the likes. No, not even a teething biscuit will suffice. He must sense it is meant for babies and will therefor get very little satisfaction from it. I remember this well. My other children preferred to graduate to more adult-like food very soon after food was even introduced into their diet, so to speak. I like it better this way, anyhow. Less baby food to purchase and I can move right on to simply mashing up normal food or cooking vegetables a little longer to make them softer for him, or giving him tiny pieces off my plate. (Please withhold your comments about how you made your own baby food. It will only make me feel inferior as I know I should, but opt out instead for convenience - hey, it's organic now, organic!)

2. I have officially gotten down to "pre-Michael" weight. Now, as that is something to rejoice about I still was carrying around about 4 pounds more than I care to, so I'm still working on it, but I'm so happy all the extra from the previous pregnancy is OFF!!! (sure took long enough...grumble, grumble)

3. Seth is enjoying his MMA classes and I must say is doing smashingly (pun intended...sort-of:). Previously he'd come back and tell me he got tapped out hundreds of times but now he's telling me he's tapping all these other guys out and hardly getting tapped out himself. I knew he'd be a natural at this! Also, there is a guy there almost 400lbs and Seth grapples with him and sometimes gets him into submissions! Since Seth is one of the bigger guys in the group he often will "roll" (their termonology for grappling) with this guy though others refuse. Seth knows working with a bigger guy will improve his skills and strength.

4. My precious girls are just that - girls. The enjoy giggling, dressing up, baking cookies, coloring and playing pretend. They also adore Michael and smother him with their efforts be "momma". Katrina is always talking about us having lots more babies and when she grows up having a lot too! Shiona is still learning about being the big sister and is becoming quite the little helper.

5. Oh yeah, I turn *coughs* 27 *coughs* a few weeks back. Seems like all the sudden I sound older, like an actual adult instead of a "youth" though I certainly never see myself like that. I think I stopped aging in my mind at 20 or so.

So, to end this I will add a few holiday pics of us. We had a wonderful time visiting with siblings that live far away or go to college and hanging out with friends and family that we love.

Ok, weird. Strike that last paragraph. Apparently I haven't downloaded the holiday pics from my camera yet. Oh well...later!