Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, it seems like Michael has officially gone from newborn to baby. Maybe that doesn't seem like that much of a distinction, but if you think of a sleepy, squishy little ball of chub to an alert, interactive "tank" of a boy...there you have it! He is such a little angel and just seems to look for an excuse to smile! He lights up all our hearts. "sighs" His skin has shown some slow improvement, so thank you all for your concerns. It is so nice to know that other babies have had the same problems and turned into very normal human beings! (Ha, the way I phrased that reminds me of a quote concerning children, "It's a shame they have to grow up to be people.")

Our first week of school went so well. I mean, considering having a 2 month old. He interrupted it every time, but I just kept thinking, "If I don't get stressed now and lose it, then when I really get his schedule down and can school the girls without interruptions I should have a great attitude. This is the hardest it is going to be." Um, hopefully...

It is inevitable that I will mention postpartum weight loss and exercise in the majority of my posts, so you guys are going to have to get used to that! I am really trying to find time to exercise consistently. Sometimes I feel like I've been trying to exercise all afternoon - get 10 minutes in, stop take Shiona potty, get 5 minutes, stop nurse Michael, 15 minutes, stop answer phone call...then...oh! time to get a shower and prepare dinner before Seth gets home! It's crazy. I tell you sometimes I actually have worked out at 1:00am! Obsessed? I think not! However, once Michael is more predictable with his naps I think I will be able to fit it into my day better. I am so into the kettlebell right now. It is such fun and I really feel my heart pumping. I never feel like I've had a real workout if I'm not short of breath some of the time and haven't sweated much. This accomplishes both!

Okay, I need to sign out and get all the little ones to bed. Seth has spent all day trying to update my laptop. It hasn't been updated in years! So, needless to say I wanted to thank him and there is a UFC PPV tonight that he had wanted to watch. I practically forced him to go with his friends to see it - he so deserves it and...I'm so curiours too. (I love UFC, too, but usually I can't watch the live fights because I have to be with the children. However, Seth always is aware of the interesting ones and buys them for me to view later once they are out! What a wonderful guy, huh?)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Our first post in the cyber world!

Wow...our first post! Ha...I can't believe I'm finally doing this. I really didn't think anybody would be interested in reading our posts, but then I realized how much I loved reading my sister's and sister-in-law's blogs and how much I appreciated being able to keep updated when I was unable to stay in touch as frequently as I'd like to.
Also, for a while we only had sluggish dial up. We finally got rid of it and just used an iPhone. That really limited our internet communications. We stayed mostly on the receiving end of things and were unable to really stay in touch through e-mail and such. Until my wonderful husband explored all our options and decided to get us satilite, which was actually the only feasible option anyway, despite how expensive it will be. This is our first day trying it out and I am thrilled!
So, now we're finally able to begin blogging. Heaven knows how often I'll be able to update this, but I hope to keep it up.
Ok, so things here have been great. Seth and I just celebrated our 6th year anniversary and it just keeps getting better! I'm so thrilled to be married to such an amazing guy. I still feel like I did the day I married him, only now even more convinced than ever - that I am the most lucky girl in the world! I snagged him, girls, and everyone else has to settle for second best- ha!
Katrina is officially starting homeschooling this year. I am so intimidated by the whole thing. I feel like I don't exactly know what I am doing and I just keep praying I won't screw things up! Fortunatly, I have so much wonderful advice from the real homeschooling pioneers like my mother and Seth's mom. Plus my sister-in-law is in the midst of homeschooling three of her five children so far! I am surrounded by wise couselors, praise God!
Anyway, we started her first day today and it went beautifully, despite the two interruptions from little Michael, our two month old. :) Shiona was just as excited as Katrina and did her little school work too. She is surprisingly scholastic and loves doing workbooks.
I guess I feel like I could keep going on and on as this is my first post, but I should save some things for later.
Oh, one more thing. Michael has been having some skin problems lately. I guess medically it would be diagnosed as eczema. Most of his body feels like sandpaper. He seems to be covered in dry patches and no matter what kind of lotion I put on him his skin doesn't even seem to absorb it. I hope he isn't uncomfortable or itchy. I am trying many different home remedies and I hope I find something that works! Some people have recommeded hydrocortisone (sp?), but I really don't want to introduce something like that to his little body. Besides, I've read so many stories about how it will clear it up for a week or two then come back with a vengence. I don't want that to happen. If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Ending my first post,

"This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end..." (um, don't finish that quote, just leave it like it is.)