Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slim in 6

I love this program I got after Katrina was born. It is by Beach Body and it is called Slim in 6. It is a six week work out program that has done wonders in helping me get back in to shape after Katrina and Shiona (except, with Shiona the birth control I used made me gain a lot back!) :( Well, I've been trying to do it after Michael. Let me say that with having a third child and beginning to school Katrina it has made it very difficult to find time to exercise. (Most of the routines last 45 minutes to an hour!) So, I am redoubling my efforts and trying again. I began Monday and have been watching my diet very carefully (like I did after my girls were born). Already I have seen a 1lb difference, but I'm not too thrilled because I've seen my scale trick me before (Yes, it is ALL the scale's fault! *sniffs indignantly*). Anyway, I will give periodic updates and let you guys know how it goes this time around. I'm currently at 19% body fat (estimated) and weigh 109lbs. My goal is to be 14-15% body fat and weigh between 100 - 103lbs. This may seem very low to a lot of you guys, but I know my body and I know when I look good - plus I am barely 5'. 100 is not too low for me, especially when I make sure I've got muscle and not bones protruding. Wish me luck - I'm on the way to getting slim in 6!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We've got some red-eye, but she is still so precious!

Here is the promised picture of Michael in the Johnny-Jump-Up...
(Sorry it took so long, Catherine :)

Katrina and Shiona are best friends - and Shiona is actually posing in this one - shocker!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn in the Air

I realize it has been a little while sine my last post. I've wanted to post weekly, but I knew that it wouldn't always work out so! Anyway, let me recap a few things that have been going on with us...

1. When we returned from the OBX we were greeted with the seasonally contrary weather of a Virginia Fall. Going from short sleeves in our drawers to rummaging through our boxed-up, long-sleeved shirts and warmer clothing. One can always tell the seasons changing by observing my feet. Socks say it all!

2. I'm getting back to schooling Katrina, which has been fun. I'm thinking of adding music and/or language to her studies, but I don't want to become overwhelmed. If anyone knows of a good program to use or any helpful tools for either of these field's of study, please share!

3. Michael turned 4 months old the other day! He is such a wonderful baby. We love him to death and he couldn't be better tempered! He is trying to roll from back to tummy and almost getting it. (You know how babies can't seem to figure out what to do with that arm that winds up stuck under their bellies? He's trying to work on that!) He can sit in the highchair and even uses the johnny-jump-up. Well, he just sits - he doesn't bounce yet. He grabs objects all the time and brings them to his mouth and he is beginning to like books. Katrina had a voracious appetite for books since she was two weeks old. However, Shiona and Michael seem to be much more particular. The books have to grab their attention and it helps to sing. Plus, they only liked/like one or two at a time. Shiona loves books now and could spend hours reading. His skin has improved so much that I'd say it is 95% resolved. Praise the Lord and thank you all for your advice and prayers in this matter.

4. Seth is off work a lot and around the house. He made quite a bit earlier this year and doesn't want to be earning too much more this year for tax reasons. I love having him here and he is always the most helpful, involved husband and father I know of. I'll be sad when he begins working steady again. :(

5. Shiona is my bunny. She changes in different ways and yet they are so subtle if I'm not paying attention I miss it. It is like colors changing in their own hues, like from mauve to pink instead of red to yellow. No stark changes, yet always changing. She is a special one who makes you earn her love and affection, but it is so worth it!

6. Katrina is our fun-loving, ever playful, super smart little sunshine. She constantly amazes me with her ability to comprehend things way beyond a girl of her age. She is so creative and has such a strong personality. Yet, with all that she is so sensitive to other people's feelings. She never wants to someone and she can sense when something is wrong with someone. She is such a unique child and I'm so happy she was our first!

7. Me? Well, still fighting to drop pounds off and always trying to improve my eating habits. I wonder, do other people struggle with the concept of 5 meals a day? I think it is right and it works, but I can't seem to fit 5 small meals in. I just had coffee for breakfast and it is almost noon! *sighs*. I'm loving this treadmill that Denise and Jonathan brought up when they came to visit. I burn so many more calories even with a 20 minute workout! Yeah!

Well, I want to post so much more, especially about the whole family being up for fall break and all the fun times we had, but it must wait. Duty calls!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Love in Action

I just created a new blog that I will try to update daily with tips on how to show our love as wives and mothers. Please don't feel like I am trying to teach or preach anything here. This are ideas that I am trying to put into effect in my own life and just want to share with other Christian wives and mothers as an encouraging word. Since it will be for wives, some post may be considered inappropriate for other viewers, but never too detailed or personal. Please feel free to give advice or feedback. Thanks!

Love to all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well, we had a wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks with Seth's parents and the Westbrooks. We arrived Sunday and thus began a never-ending, fun-filled cycle of trips to the beach, dips in the hot tub, romps on the nearby playground, and shopping excursions! The girls had a blast and spent their entire days with their cousins playing, playing, playing.

Being at the beach with a baby always has a little less freedom and flexibility to it, so Seth had the girls much of the time when I had to stay behind while Michael napped or nursed. At times I felt like the old saying, "ships passing in the night"; I would just be bringing Michael out to the beach or upstairs to where everyone was congregated and then they would just be coming back or leaving to go here or there! But, that is the way it is with babies and I am just so thankful Michael is such an easy baby that he could participate as much as he did. One day I even brought his car seat out to the ocean and let him nap out on the beach so I could enjoy being with everyone else. Don't get the wrong impression, though. I was very busy and having a lot of fun too! It just seemed like some times I would just be coming in at the "changing of the guard" type thing.

Course you know Seth made sure I had a wonderful time and watch the girls or held Michael a ton and even took me out on a date twice and made sure I had a looong nap one morning when I wasn't feeling too well! (Once was a double date with Scot and Kristen, which was a lot of fun!) Mr. Robinson even took Michael one time when he was really fussy. He took Michael to the ocean which made Michael fall asleep, and watched Michael for at least an hour afterward. It was a nice break for me and I'm sure a special time for grandpa and grandson!

Going to the beach I expected to eat less and exercise more. It turned out to be just the opposite! After exercising the first day I was very sore, so Seth asked me to not do too much so I wouldn't get sick on vacation. (I tend to push myself real hard then feel like I've got a cold or something for the next few days when I exercise very rigorously.) He's such a wonderful man! And of course I enjoyed Kristen's and Mrs. Robinson's delicious meals, but I didn't over eat. Still, I was afraid of the scale when I came home, but fortunately I think I neither gained or lost anything, so it was basically a fun week at the beach with no bad consequences! :)

Another nice thing while on vacation was the distribution of work! I only made two meals and don't recall actually fully cleaning the kitchen even once! I did a lot of laundry and had to keep my room and the girl's and one bathroom tidy, but that was pennies compared to the usual household chores! Plus, there never was a lack of hands willing to hold Michael while I ate, got the girls changed/cleaned or just took a break!

Some highlights were as follows:

1. Walking Michael along the beach to get him to sleep for his naps
2. Double date with Scot and Kristen at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet
3. Hot tub times with the girls
4. Date with Seth! (Michael came along, too, of course)
5. Seth's Uncle Bill and Aunt Linda visiting and bringing home videos of Seth and his family when they were younger!
6. We got the bathroom with the large whirlpool...:)
7. Playing on the beach in the sand with everyone
8. Our annual trip to the sand dunes, but it wasn't quite as fun as other times because it was so dry and very little wind.

And lastly, I am happy to report we none of us suffered a sunburn, but Michael did get a little rosy in the cheeks from being outside so much! All in all a wonderful, memorable trip. Looking forward to next years...!!!

Oh yeah, and sorry to say, but I took next to none pictures! I know it is terrible, but I do have some video recordings. I know Mr. and Mrs. Robinson got some, so I will have to ask for some copies sometime. Oh well....