Monday, November 16, 2009

A Week of Colds

I wrote this Monday, but didn't get around to posting it till today (Friday) Sorry!

So, this past week began with high hopes for different goals and projects to be accomplished, but was quickly detoured by a bout of sickness. Michael was the first to show signs of sickness then a couple days later Shiona was hit hard. Katrina barely showed anything beyond restless nights and congestion. So basically this past week was a blur of sleepless nights and what we like to call "sicky bears". I know any mother has experienced this scenario countless times over, so details are unnecessary. All I will say is that I felt sleep-deprived for the better part of the past week. Thankfully my wonderful husband was able to help out and I got several badly needed naps! Also, the children didn't catch anything beyond a typical cold. I'm so thankful to the Lord for sparing us from a bad virus or even the flu! Actually Michael and Shiona only seemed miserable one day each and like I said earlier Katrina barely appeared sick save a few symptoms. But symptoms linger for a long time, so we're still seeing runny noses and congestion.

So now that the kids are getting better Seth is getting worse! Poor man! He probably wore himself out helping me so much with the children. Unfortunately he just so happens to be starting a new job this week. Wouldn't you know it? He's been taking it easy and not taking a lot of jobs lately, but as soon as he gets one going he might have to put it off for a week. Oh well, God's timing isn't ours, but it IS perfect!

So, with the lack of sleep and the tending to sick children I really didn't have all that much time to exercise. I tried to fit in a small exercise routine in every day, but it wound up being less than half an hour usually and sometimes no more than 15 minutes. I mostly used my kettlebell and only did Burn it Up once this past week. However, I was still checking the scale every now and then and it showed I lost another pound. BUT, when I officially weighed myself Monday I was back to 107. I think maybe the other readings were due to dehydration because I wasn't drinking a lot of water. Anyhow, I'm rebooting back to week 4 since I don't consider last week part of the Slim in Six.

And I'm signing off...

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